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Community Justice Centers

The Department of Corrections (DOC) has established six Community Justice Centers (CJCs) throughout the state for the purpose of providing comprehensive services and monitoring for offenders who are reentering the community. Per RCW 72.09.280, a community justice center is a nonresidential facility staffed primarily by the department in which recently released offenders may access services necessary to improve their successful reentry into the community. Such services may include but are not limited to, those listed in the individual reentry plan, mental health, chemical dependency, sex offense treatment, anger management, parenting education, financial literacy, housing assistance, and employment assistance.


The goal of these CJC's is to help promote community safety by holding formerly incarcerated persons accountable by helping them reenter society in a responsible way. This is done through programs to address inmate deficits, strengthen family and community relationships, and provide an array of appropriate interventions or sanctions when formerly incarcerated persons do not comply with conditions of supervision.

CJCs are an integral part of DOC's Reentry Program. Reentry begins on the first day of an inmate's incarceration and continues through community supervision. Working with communities, DOC employs proven, research-based and sound correctional programs that address inmate attitudes, behaviors and personal deficits that can lead to recidivism.