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Correctional Industries Seeking Advisory Committee Members

The Washington Department of Corrections’ division focused on vocational education and job readiness of the incarcerated population, is seeking three representatives on its advisory committee...

February 3, 2023

Community Webinar on Less Restrictive Alternatives

The Department of Corrections and Department of Social and Health Services invite you to learn more about the Less Restrictive Alternatives (LRA) process and proposed community home in Tenino, Washington...

January 27, 2023

Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) Initiative WADOC

Since Secretary Cheryl Strange joined the Department of Corrections in 2021, one of her top priorities has been developing a human-centered organization that is fair, just, equitable...

January 18, 2023

Amend: Corrections Officers from Oslo, Norway visit Washington State

The Amend Project has once again returned to Washington State as corrections officers from Oslo, Norway came to visit...

January 11, 2023