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Facilitated Communication

The Department of Corrections (DOC) recognizes the value of allowing crime victims, including survivors in homicide cases, to participate in facilitated communication with the perpetrator of the offense through established, structured processes.

Victims and survivors may be eligible to communicate with person(s) incarcerated at a DOC prison facility, provided all criteria in DOC Policy 390.350 Facilitated Communication Between Victims & Offenders (pdf) are met.

An incarcerated person's participation in facilitated communication does not affect their legal or custody status, release date, or other conditions of incarceration.

Victim-Offender Dialogue

Victim-Offender Dialogue is a one-time opportunity for a victim/survivor to participate in a facilitated meeting with incarcerated person(s) in a secure and supervised environment.


Accountability Letter Bank

An accountability letter is a way for an incarcerated person to convey to the victim/survivor that they understand the harm caused and are taking responsibility for their criminal behavior.