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Indeterminate Sentence Review Board


The Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB or Board) was created in 1986. Before that, the Board had been the Board of Prison Terms and Paroles. The Board is a quasi-judicial board located in the Department of Corrections (DOC). The Board retains independent decision making, and has jurisdiction over the following three types of cases:

  1. Persons who committed crimes prior to July 1, 1984 and were sentenced to prison.
  2. Persons who committed certain sex offenses on or after September 1, 2001.
  3. Persons who committed crimes prior to their 18th birthday and were sentenced as adults.

The ISRB reviews cases, conducts hearings, oversees supervision violation hearings, and provides services to victims of inmates under the Board's jurisdiction. See the ISRB Bi-Annual report (pdf) for more information about the Board.

(Video Credit: Indeterminate Sentence Review Board)