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Meetings & Deliberations

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Board Meetings

The complete board meeting schedule is available online. See below for available meeting agendas and minutes. If you do not see the date you are looking for, please contact the ISRB for archived meeting documentation.


  • Due to the Governor's proclamation to "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" to fight the spread of COVID-19, the ISRB Board Meeting scheduled for March 30, 2020 is cancelled. Community Concerns Meetings will be held telephonically.
  • April 27, 2020 (pdf)
  • April 13, 2020 (pdf)

2020 Meeting Minutes

2019 Meeting Minutes

2018 Meeting Minutes

Full Board Deliberations

Per RCW 9.95.422, the ISRB is required to post decisions and minutes for certain cases under their jurisdiction. This law went into effect on June 9, 2016. We anticipate posting decisions and minutes on the 30th day from the meeting or hearing. If you have questions, please contact the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB).

Full Board Summary Minutes & Decisions and Reasons
03/09/2020 Faletogo, Aries Minutes Faletogo, Aries (pdf) Decision Faletogo, Aries (pdf)
03/09/2020 Larry, Clinton Minutes Larry, Clinton (pdf) Decision Larry, Clinton (pdf)
03/09/2020 Robinson, Patrick Minutes Robinson, Patrick (pdf) Decision Robinson, Patrick (pdf)
02/24/2020 Stroy, Mitchel Minutes Stroy, Mitchel (pdf) Decision Stroy, Mitchel (pdf)
02/24/2020 Vancourt, Billy Minutes Vancourt, Billy (pdf) Decision Vancourt, Billy (pdf)
02/20/2020 Smith, Stephen Minutes Smith, Stephen (pdf) Decision Smith, Stephen (pdf)
02/20/2020 Williams, Jermaine Minutes Williams, Jermaine (pdf) Decision Williams, Jermaine (pdf)
02/20/2020 Bianchi, Kenneth Minutes Bianchi, Kenneth (pdf) Decision Bianchi, Kenneth (pdf)
Contact the ISRB for archived meeting documentation.

Notice: Inmates may file a Personal Restraint Petition (PRP) with the Court of Appeals regarding decisions or conditions set by the Board with which they disagree. You may find these PRPs at the Court of Appeals website and sign up for email notification for opinions that are rendered. While release/parole decisions are within the discretion of the Board, the Court may remand the Board’s decision back to the Board for reconsideration or a new hearing.