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Victim Services

The Board ensures victims and survivors of crimes are aware of their legal rights and are treated with dignity and respect as stated in the Washington State Constitution and RCW 7.69.010. Victims and survivors have the right to make a statement during release/parole proceedings for inmates under the Board's authority.


The Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB or Board) provides services to victims and/or survivors of crimes that fall under the authority of the Board. The ISRB Victim Liaison can help with:

(Video Credit: Indeterminate Sentence Review Board)

Victim Confidentiality

Washington State law and court decisions have set guidelines for the ISRB to follow to protect a victim's identity and still comply with the Public Records Act. In line with court rulings, the Board must provide the inmate with a summary of your statement without disclosing your identity. For more information about confidentiality, please contact the Victim Services Team.