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Per RCW 40.07.030, “all state agencies . . . shall annually evaluate each continuing state publication they produce in accordance with the guidelines published by the director (of financial management).”

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Correctional Industries Newsletters

(The newsletters were printed and disseminated to the incarcerated population. They are shared here in their original format.)

Women's Prison Division Newsletter

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General Reports

  • Incarcerated Individual Betterment Fund (IIBF) Facility Quarterly Budget Reports
  • Incarcerated Individual Betterment Fund (IIBF) Facility Budget Narratives
  • Incarcerated Individual Betterment Fund (IIBF) Quarterly Budget Reports | 200-RE005
  • Research Reports

    Statistical Reports
    Third-Party Requested Audits & Reports

    Special Reports & Plans Required by Law

    According to RCW 40.07.020(3a), state publications include any special report required by law. Below is a list of currently relevant reports submitted by the Department of Corrections to the legislature. Most of the department's current and previously submitted reports can also be found using the Reports to the Legislature application at the Washington State Legislature website. (To easily find specific reports, select the applicable statute or bill from the RCW or Bill dropdown filters. Use the Organization Name filter to browse all reports submitted by the Department.)

    Statutorily Required Reports

    Community Custody Terms: Violation Response 400-SR002 | RCW 72.09.312
    Class II Correctional Industries Market Share Reports 700-SR003 | RCW 72.09.100(2)(d)(ii)
    Class III Correctional Industries Quarterly Detail Statements 700-SR001 | RCW 72.09.100
    Class IV Community Work Industries Quarterly Detail Statements 700-SR002 | RCW 72.09.100
    Copayment Data Report | RCW 72.10.020
    Extraordinary Medical Placement Reports 600-SR003 | RCW 72.09.620
    Health Care Staffing Legislative Report (pdf) 800-SR002 | ESSB 5693 (R 10/2022)
    Graduated Reentry Expansion Legislative Report (pdf) 500-SR004 | ESSB 5121 (R 12/2022)
    Improving Department of Corrections Health Care Administration 100-SR003 | ESSB 6063 (2019-20)
    Parent Navigators & Dependency Support Report 500-SR006 | SB 5693, Section 223 (6)(m) (R 6/2023)
    Staff Safety Reports | RCW 72.09.680
    Unexpected Fatality Review Reports and Corrective Action Plans 600-SR001 & 600-PL001 | ESSB 5119 | RCW 72.09.770

    See Incarcerated Individuals Deaths for more information.

    Senate and House Bill Required Reports