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Policy Glossary

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Terms Starting with L

Labor and Industries (L&I) Certified Electricians
Those who have a valid journey level/specialty electrician certificate to work in the electrical construction trade in Washington State.
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Legal Custody
A person acting as a parent who has been awarded legal custody by a court or claims a right to legal custody under Washington State law.
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Legal Guardian
A person lawfully invested with the power, and charged with the duty, of taking care of and managing the property and rights of a minor or one who is considered incapable of administering their own affairs.
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Legal Mail
Correspondence to or from: (a) Any court, the Washington State Bar Association, the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Office of Risk Management, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) auditors certified by the United States Department of Justice, Headquarters PREA Coordinator and/or Just Detention International; (b) The President or Vice President of the United States, members of the United States Congress, embassies and consulates, the United States Department of Justice, state Attorney General's Office, governors, members of the state legislature, and law enforcement officers in their official capacity; (c) Attorneys of record in court cases that have been filed in a local, state, or federal court; and (d) Attorneys receiving/sending correspondence with offenders concerning legal advice, including established groups of attorneys representing the offender (e.g., American Civil Liberties Union, Disability Rights Washington, legal service corporations, public defender associations). To be considered and therefore handled as "legal mail" the correspondence must be clearly marked "legal mail" on the outside front of the envelope, and must have a mailing address or return address which clearly indicates that the mail is to or from one of the above listed sources.
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Legal Materials
Material determined to be: 1. Legal reference books/transcripts or papers obtain from sources outside the Department or Corrections and through authorized channels; 2. Legal reference books and other materials obtained by means of loan through the facility/state library system; 3. Copies of legal briefs, petitions, transcripts, or reference-book excerpts related to cases other than the offender's case; and 4. Personal research notes.
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Legal Matter
Any proceeding before any court or administrative body which: 1. Challenges the legality of a conviction or confinement imposed by a court. 2. Challenges any sentence or duration of confinement imposed by a court or administrative body (i.e., Indeterminate Sentence Review Board); 3. Seeks redress in equity or law for the conditions under which the offender is confined; 4. Claims violation of constitutional rights or civil liberties; or 5. Asserts any recognized legal claim at law or equity against any authority, entity, or person.
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Legal Pleadings
Documents and/or exhibits that the offender is submitting to a court of law in a civil rights action, whether in state or federal court, a habeas corpus action, and direct appeals of criminal convictions. Documents essential to the formal discovery process relating to a civil rights action, whether in state or federal court, a habeas corpus action, and direct appeals or criminal convictions, including requests and response to interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and requests for admissions.
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Consist of handwritten/typed communications and/or written/pictorial enclosures to and from offenders. A standard first class, one ounce letter shall be consistent with the dimensions, weight, and thickness as prescribed by the U.S. Postal Service. A properly addressed and stamped post card or greeting card shall be processed with the same standards as described above for a first class one ounce letter. Nonstandard first class mail requires a surcharge as established by the U.S. Postal Service.
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Local Area Network (LAN)
A data transmission facility connecting computers and other communicating devices over a short distance (typically within a building or campus) under some form of standard control. Includes the Offender Services Network (OSN).
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