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Policy Glossary

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Terms Starting with A

Abuse by Quantity
When an individual submits more than 5 resolution requests at one time, submitting resolution requests that bring the total to above 5, or submitting repeated resolution requests on the same issue.
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The part of an appropriation which may be expended or against which obligations may be incurred during a specific period.
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Ambulatory Restraints
Soft, leather restraint device which restricts movement of legs/ankles and/or arms.
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Willing to engage in conversation and exploration regarding their responsibility in inappropriate/illegal sexual behaviors. In addition they must agree to attend sex offense treatment and follow treatment rules and expectations.
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Ancillary Costs
Costs, in addition to purchase or construction costs, related to placing a fixed asset into its intended state of operation which include transportation charges, installation costs, and any other required normal and necessary expenditures/expenses.
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Antipsychotic Medication
Medication whose primary function is the treatment of psychosis, often subdivided into first generation (typical) and second generation (atypical).
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The process of unlearning racist ideas, racial hatred, and racial bias to create laws, policies, practices, and procedures that embed equity and justice into every action.
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An unauthorized touching, including spitting and/or throwing a substance/object, striking, cutting, or shooting by an individual under Department jurisdiction that results in physical injury to an employee, per WAC 137-78-010(1).
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Assume Supervision
The point where a case is gained to a Community Corrections Officer (CCO)/Field Unit. Used when the case is gained directly without prior investigation.
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