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Policy Glossary

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Terms Starting with T

A formal work arrangement that allows an employee/contract staff to perform work during their approved work schedule at a location different from their official duty station through the use of technology which allows the employee/contract staff to access normal work material (e.g., email, electronic documents, applications, drives). Includes regular telework (i.e., employee/contract staff works from an alternate work location a minimum of 2 regularly scheduled days every month) and ad hoc/as-needed or occasional telework (i.e., employee/contract staff works from an alternate work location that is typically as needed or less than 2 days per month).
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Terminal Condition
An incurable and irreversible condition caused by injury, disease, or illness, that, within reasonable medical judgment, will cause death within a reasonable period of time in accordance with accepted medical standards, and where the application of life-sustaining treatment serves only to prolong the process of dying.
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Threatening Behavior
Includes, but is not limited to, direct or implied behavior which a reasonable person under the circumstances would perceive as a possible threat to bodily harm or was threatening in fact to that person.
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Titre Test
A blood test to determine the amount of specific antibody in an antiserum or strength of a serum.
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An umbrella term for persons whose gender identity, gender expression, or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with their biological sex.
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Interpersonal violence (e.g., physical and sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect) and/or the witnessing of violence, institutionalization, acts of terror, disasters, and war.
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Trauma-Informed Practice
A practice that creates conditions of safety, healing, and recovery and incorporates the knowledge of the prevalence, impact, and centrality of trauma into all aspects of the work.
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Tribal Government
A federally-recognized Indian tribe whose traditional lands and territories are now or were historically located within the geographic boundaries of Washington.
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Tribal Implication
Refers to Department regulation (WAC), Department-requested legislation, and other significant policies, agreements, or program implementation that have substantial direct effects on one or more Indian Tribes.
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Tuberculosis (TB)
A bacterial infection which generally involves the lungs usually transmitted by the inhalation of droplets in the air that contain tubercle bacillus.
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