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Policy Glossary

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Glossary Terms for Policy 590.370

A variety of services provided to an offender that meet an assessed need. Services can include medical treatment, evidence-based core programs, life skills training, education and work programs, and activities.
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The decisions, choices, situations, and opportunities that lead into the criminal justice system, influenced by economics, relationships, culture, family dynamics, and physical/ mental health issues.
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Positive personal assessment and belief in one???s ability to succeed in reaching a desired outcome
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Strength Based, Family Focused Approach
A principle recognizing family and pro-social networks as assets built on strengths, resources, and inclusiveness. This approach is relational in nature and acknowledges a broad definition of family.
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Interpersonal violence (e.g., physical and sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect) and/or the witnessing of violence, institutionalization, acts of terror, disasters, and war.
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Trauma Informed Practice
A practice that creates conditions of safety, healing, and recovery and incorporates the knowledge of the prevalence, impact, and centrality of trauma into all aspects of the work.
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