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Policy Glossary

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Glossary Terms for Policy 380.605

A person who has continuously inhabited a state for at least one year prior to the commission of the offense for which the offender is under supervision, with intent that such state will be the person's principal place of residence, and who has not, unless incarcerated, relocated to another state or states for a continuous period of 6 months or more with the intent to establish a new principal place of residence.
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Significant Violation
An offender's failure to comply with the terms or conditions of supervision that , if occurring in the receiving state would result in a request for revocation of supervision.
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Substantial Compliance
The offender should not be in a position where his/her supervision can be revoked by the sending state.
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Victim Sensitive
A designation made by the sending state in accordance with its definition of "crime victim" under the statutes governing the rights of crime victims in the sending state.
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