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10/09/2019 | Changing Prison Culture through Mentorship (soundcloud podcast)
SHELTON – As the Washington Corrections Center’s (WCC) new religious coordinator, Malik Shakoor, wants to teach inmates that with the right motivation anyone can change. (Changing Prison Culture through Mentorship Transcript (pdf))
06/19/2019 | The Buzz on McNeil Island (soundcloud podcast)
McNEIL ISLAND – The environment on McNeil Island is quiet and serene. There’s no traffic. (Transcript transcript (pdf))
05/31/2019 | On TRAC to Rebuilding Themselves (soundcloud podcast)
BELFAIR – Shawna Norberg looks like any construction worker. Dressed in gloves, a hardhat and a reflective vest, she kneels beside a mat of rebar and talks about what she’s learned. (Transcript transcript (pdf))
01/11/2019 | Spreading Cheer through Caroling (soundcloud podcast)
GIG HARBOR – It’s an hour before the Washington Corrections Center for Women closes for the night. (Transcripts: Christmas Caroling transcript (pdf), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeertranscript (pdf))


12/14/2018 | Thinking Outside the Shoebox (soundcloud podcast)
SHELTON – The holidays will be a little brighter for some foster children, thanks to some shoe boxes and a group of incarcerated individuals at Washington Corrections Center (WCC) in Shelton. (Transcripts: Tribal Boxes transcript (pdf), Tribal Prayertranscript (pdf))
08/31/2018 | A Second Chance at Education (soundcloud podcast)
Three Washington state prisons are sites for the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program. The program allows inmates use federal Pell Grant funding to pay for college classes. Inmates at Mission Creek Corrections Center describe how education changed their lives. (A Second Chance at Education Transcript (pdf))
02/16/2018 | Accountability Letters Kindle Remorse, Healing (soundcloud podcast)
Washington is one of 12 states in the nation that run accountability letter banks. Inmates may write apology letters to their victims to acknowledge their responsibility and express remorse for their crime. (Accountability Letters Kindle Remorse, Healing Transcript (pdf))