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Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) policies that apply to jobs and employment.


Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) forms relating to jobs and employment that may be applicable.

  • DOC 03-031 Criminal Disclosure (pdf)
    As a law enforcement agency, it is necessary that all Department of Corrections employees, contract staff, and volunteers be carefully screened prior to appointment. This information is required in order to maintain facility security and safeguard the confidentiality of Departmental information. Criminal history may not preclude your employment or service with the Department of Corrections.
  • DOC 05-370 Request for Criminal History Record Information (word file)
    DOC form that authorizes the State of Washington, Department of Corrections and their employment verification contractors to run and complete a background check on prospective employees. Typically, this form is filled out at time of interview.

Laws & Regulations

Below are federal laws and codes, state initiatives and orders, and state laws (RCWs) and regulations (WACs) that apply to and/or relate to jobs and employment.

Federal Laws & Codes

State Initiatives & Orders

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)


Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) publications that apply to jobs and employment.

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