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National Nurses Month: Making a Difference

May 1, 2024

By Brendan Baptiste Communications Office

(Brendan Baptiste, Communications Office)

As we celebrate National Nurses Month, it is vital to shine a spotlight on a special group of healthcare professionals: correctional nurses. This year’s theme “Nurses Make the Difference” resonates deeply within the walls of our correctional facilities, where nurses provide essential care in a unique environment.

Correctional nurses are the unsung heroes who deliver compassionate care to incarcerated individuals without judgment. They work as advocates for their health and well-being, ensuring that those in the correctional system receive the same quality of care as the public. They work tirelessly to manage chronic illnesses, respond to emergencies, and contribute to the rehabilitation and recovery process making a significant difference in the lives of many who may have never had an opportunity to take their personal health into their own hands.

“I’ve always been treated with respect, and I enjoy their company,” say Dennis, incarcerated individual, Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC). “I have benefitted from it as it has built up trust with myself for them. I have had some serious medical issues over the years, and I am not afraid to put my life in their hands.”