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PRESS RELEASE: Escapee from Monroe Correctional Complex Apprehended

Released April 30, 2024

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Patrick Lester Clay (DOC 908566)

Patrick Lester Clay (DOC 908566)

MONROE – 59-year-old Patrick Lester Clay (DOC 908566) was apprehended without incident in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle Monday night – he is back in custody with the Washington State Department of Corrections where he will be placed in restrictive housing. The case will be referred to local prosecutors to pursue charges of escape and auto theft.

On April 26, 2024, Patrick Lester Clay escaped from Monroe Correctional Complex’s (MCC) Minimum Security Unit while performing his duties as a porter outside the secure perimeter. Additional details not available when the escape was first announced indicate that Clay, while outside, broke into a non-custody staff office through a window, stealing the keys to their car which Clay then drove off grounds.

MCC staff called 911 and began working with Monroe Police Department who notified nearby schools of the escape right away and began working together to notify local businesses.

MCC will participate in a critical incident review and if necessary, will implement any additional process improvement plans or any changes needed.

Clay had a release date of December 24, 2025, for convictions from King County for counts of burglary, malicious mischief, harassment and theft.