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Second Chance Month with Danielle Armbruster

April 25, 2024

By Brendan Baptiste Communications Office

(Brendan Baptiste, Communications Office)

As April draws to a close, so too does Second Chance Month. This time was used as a period of reflection and action for criminal justice organizations and the agencies they partner with. The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) believes rehabilitation over punishment will give the best chance for positive change for every individual in our custody. DOC has played a strong role in this initiative, implementing programs aimed at reducing recidivism and providing incarcerated with the tools for successful reintegration into society. Educational programs, vocational training, and mental health services have been emphasized, reflecting a holistic approach to rehabilitation that supports incarcerated individuals.

The significance of Second Chance Month creates paths to community safety and wellness. By promoting policies that enhance access to job training, housing, and healthcare, the Washington State Department of Corrections aids in the personal development of formerly incarcerated and contributes to the economic and social betterment of our state. As we conclude this important month, it is crucial to carry forward the spirit of second chances throughout the year and to continue to advocate for policies and practices that affirm the dignity of every person.

"I want to personally thank our staff for all of your hard work,” says Danielle Armbruster, Assistant Secretary – Reentry Division. “Whether you work inside prison walls, reentry centers, community offices, Correctional Industries or headquarters, your work matters, what you do matters, because reentry matters!”