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Constructing Success After Prison

January 17, 2024

By DOC Communications Communications Office
Incarcerated Individual works with rebar

An Incarcerated Individuals in the Trades Related Apprenticeship Coaching (TRAC) at Mission Creek Correction Center for Women (MCCCW), works with rebar. (Photo Courtesy of MCCCW)

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Finding a job is one of the most challenging obstacles for formerly incarcerated individuals. Providing educational, vocational and work opportunities to people while they are incarcerated makes a difference when they return to the community by providing opportunities for further education or gainful employment.

Construction and trade programs are among some of the most successful, because upon release, there tend to be more opportunities for employment. The Women’s Prison Division offers the Trades Related Apprenticeship Coaching (TRAC)(pdf) program in both the Washington Corrections Center for Women and Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women.

TRAC is a pre-apprenticeship program that provide the skills and training needed to enter apprenticeship programs with a variety of different unions. Read this recent Seattle Times article for more information on the successes of people who have graduated from the TRAC program.