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Beekeeping: A Sustainability in Prisons Project

August 17, 2023

By Brendan Baptiste Communications Office

(Brendan Baptiste, Communications Office)

In an innovative approach to rehabilitation, prisons around Washington State have supported honeybee programs that offer incarcerated individuals a unique opportunity to learn new skills and to contribute positively to society. This program involves establishing beekeeping operations within prison grounds, where incarcerated are trained in animal husbandry to manage hives. The benefit of the program goes beyond honey productions as participants build responsibility, teamwork, and expertise in beekeeping.

The honeybee program shows how creative and sustainable initiatives can be integrated into the correctional system. Incarcerated are offered a chance to develop valuable skills while gaining an additional sense of purpose. These programs symbolize a step towards a more holistic and rehabilitative approach within the prison system while building a small, yet valuable connection, between incarcerated and the world beyond prison walls.