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Concerts for Hope: Washington Prisons Hosts Classical Concerts

August 9, 2023

By Danielle Jimenez Communications Office

(Danielle Jimenez, Communications Office)

Concerts for Hope, a nonprofit led by musician and composer Eric Genuis, embarked on a transformative journey to uplift the spirits of those residing within Washington's prisons. This awe-inspiring initiative sought to bring the power of music and hope.

Genuis, alongside his ensemble of renowned musicians, performed their classical music at several prisons in Washington, including Stafford Creek Corrections Center and Washington Corrections Center for Women.

Concerts for Hope travels the world playing concerts in prisons, rehab centers, inner-city schools, and other similar venues.

“I've devoted my life to go into playing in very dark places,” Genuis said. “I believe that music has this great profound ability to go in and to reach our humanity and elevate our humanity.”

Amidst the enchanting melodies, a symphony of healing unfolded, interweaved with uplifting words as Genuis shared his personal life struggles that touched on themes of redemption, self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and humanity.

The concert had a profound impact on many, giving them a new outlook and hope.

"Well, I cried a little,” one Incarcerated Individual said. “It took me to a different place other than prison. It relaxed my spirit and it just filled me up with a positive energy. Allowing me to know there's more to life than just being incarcerated.”

Through the universal language of music, Concerts for Hope touched the hearts of those who are incarcerated reminding them of their intrinsic worth and the transformative power of hope.

Genuis shared that he’s never said “no” to a show and will continue to perform for those who need it most, as long as he can.