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Crafting Confidence: Incarcerated Individual Designed Conference Table Empowers Rehabilitation

July 5, 2023

By Danielle Jimenez Communications Office

(Danielle Jimenez, Communications Office)

Correctional Industries (CI) is transforming the lives of incarcerated individuals through rehabilitation programs that foster skill-building, confidence, and a path to a brighter future. A testament to this transformative journey is embodied in a newly finished custom conference table meticulously designed, manufactured, and installed by the incarcerated individuals themselves. This extraordinary piece, commissioned by the Department of Corrections' Secretary Cheryl Strange, symbolizes the talent and dedication nurtured within CI operations.

For Vatsana Muonkhoth, the lead incarcerated drafter involved in the table's design, its significance runs deep: "It just shows what we do, how important our job is. I love coming to work because it's like stepping outside of prison.”

Within the CI programs, participants find solace from the constraints of prison life and embark on personal growth, acquiring office skills and collaborating with their peers. They discover new identities as CNC operators, drafters, welders, fabricators, powder coaters, and more; transcending the stigmatized labels attached to their incarceration. Beyond being mere furniture, the conference table represents the profound impact of CI programs. By honing skills, fostering confidence, and facilitating employment opportunities, these programs empower incarcerated individuals to redefine their identities, construct brighter futures, and successfully reintegrate into society. This table stands as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of rehabilitation, providing hope and a tangible symbol of the remarkable journeys undertaken by those in CI programs.