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Policy Glossary

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Glossary Terms for Policy 825.010

Compensatory Time
Time off in lieu of cash payment for overtime.
Referenced by
Work schedules having fixed core hours of work with regular starting and quitting times other than 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Regular Rate
The sum of the basic salary and all other payments which are made at less than time-and-one-half the basic salary for all hours worked in a pay period or work period divided by the total number of hours worked that pay period or work period. Time-and-one-half rates are than calculated by adding one-half of the regular rate for each hour of overtime worked.
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Work Shift
Scheduled working hours within the work day.
Referenced by
A regular recurring period of 168 hours beginning at a time determined by the appointing authority and continuing for seven consecutive 24-hour periods.
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