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Glossary Terms for Policy 630.500

Mental Health Professional
Psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse/nurse practitioner, corrections mental health unit supervisor, corrections mental health program manager, and other persons with a masters degree or further advanced degree in counseling or social sciences with at least 2 years experience in direct treatment of the mentally ill or emotionally disturbed persons under supervision of a mental health professional.
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Offender based tracking system for health services. The PULHESDXT section is a series of medical ratings of an offender which indicates on a scale of 1-5 their medical and mental health condition or treatment needs; and to evaluate the function of various organs, systems, and integral parts of the body: P - Physical Capability, U - Upper Extremities, L - Lower Extremities, H - Hearing, E - Vision, S - Mental Functioning, D - Dental, X - Functional Capacity, T - Transportation Demand.
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Seriously Mentally Ill
A substantial disorder of thought or mood which significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality or cope with the ordinary demands of life within the prison environment and is manifested by substantial pain or disability. Serious mental illness requires a mental health diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, as appropriate, by mental health staff. It is expressly understood that this definition does not include inmates who are substance abusers, substance dependent, including alcoholics and narcotics addicts, or persons convicted of any sex offense, who are not otherwise diagnosed as seriously mentally ill.
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Vulnerable Adult
A person 1) 60 years of age or older who has the functional, mental, or physical inability to care for him/herself, 2) found incapacitated under RCW 11.88, 3) who has a developmental disability as defined under RCW 71A.10.020, 4) admitted to any facility as defined under RCW 74.34.020, 5) receiving services from home health, hospice, or home care agencies licensed or required to be licensed under RCW 70.127 RCW, or 6) receiving services from an individual provider.
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