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Policy Glossary

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Glossary Terms for Policy 280.515

Information or communication of any type, including memos/bulletins, brochures/publications, email, documents on portable storage devices, browser history, voicemail, and electronic records/files.
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Data Owner
Person who creates the data or has authority over the group who created the data; Designated person/position authorized access to specific data per policy (e.g., health records); Designated person/position authorized to approve access to data (e.g., treatment/Security Threat Group records); Designated person/position authorized to release data (e.g., Public Disclosure Unit, Communications Director); Designated person/position ensuring compliance with policies and applicable regulations (e.g., human resources, investigations). Data owners do not typically include persons enabling/supporting access to data, acting as a custodian for data, or maintaining an Information Technology (IT) system (e.g., IT technicians, administrative assistants).
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Automated process of scrambling data to make it unreadable for unauthorized users. Users require a decryption key/password to access encrypted data.
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Official State Business
Those activities performed by an official or employee of the state, authorized volunteer, student, or employee of another governmental jurisdiction as directed by his/her supervisor in order to accomplish state programs or as required by the duties of his/her position or office.
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Official Use
The use of category 2 or higher data that may not be appropriate for public disclosure and is to be used for business-related activities only.
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Portable Storage Devices
Devices used to record/store data (e.g., memory card, flash/thumb drive, compact/digital versatile disc, external hard drive)
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