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Policy Glossary

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Glossary Terms for Policy 200.060

The part of an appropriation which may be expended or against which obligations may be incurred during a specific period.
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A plan of financial operation embodying an estimate of expenditures for a given period and the proposed means of financing them.
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Budget Request
A proposed budget submitted by a state agency to OFM and by the Governor to the legislature.
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Expenditure Monitoring
The periodic review of expenditures to ensure compliance with limitations imposed by law, allotments, and Department policy.
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Fiscal Note
An analysis of the fiscal impact of legislation being considered for enactment.
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Strategic Plan
Describes an organization's mission, goals, objectives, and performance measures. The expected strategies developed to achieve the objectives for the next 6 years create the context for the current budget request.
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Supplemental Budget
A revision to a biennial budget already approved by legislature. The supplemental budget is generally limited to correcting technical problems in the enacted budget or addressing shortfalls or changes in caseload or workload. The supplemental budget request must be approved by legislature.
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