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Rapid Staff Hiring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On March 30, 2020, Corrections launched rapid staff hiring - statewide recruitment for all facilities. Using an expedited process, the department expects to recruit, screen, interview, test and train new limited-scope Correctional Officer 1's (CO1s) in a 32-day period.

Is the Department of Corrections (DOC) still hiring during COVID-19?

Yes, the DOC remains open and still continue to actively recruit for all job classes within it agency. DOC is hiring support staff, health service staff (doctors, nurses, medical assistance and many more), inside facilities cooks, and other supply chain support. Additionally, DOC has started a rapid CO1 hiring process. If you are interested in working for us start your job search.

What is Rapid Hiring for Correctional Officer 1 (CO1)?

In response to COVID-19's expected affects to the Department of Corrections’ staffing levels over the coming months, the department is implementing an expedited hiring and training process for ‘Limited Scope Correctional Officer 1 (CO1)’ positions. The first step to becoming a Correctional Officer is to apply online! Search for current opportunities with the job title of 'Correctional Officer 1, Limited Scope'.

What is the rapid hiring process and how quickly can I start?

Using an expedited process, the department expects to recruit, screen, interview, test and train new limited-scope Correctional Officer 1's (CO1s) in a 32-day period. To learn more about the rapid hiring process, see Rapid Staff Hiring - Expedited CO1 Recruitment and Training (pdf).

Are job interviews happening in-person or online?

Hiring managers are responsible for coordinating interviews, but in general, first interviews are usually conducted by phone with follow-up interviews either in-person or video conference. We recommend that the social distancing protocols from the Washington State Department of Health be followed during in-person interviews (don’t shake hands, sit 6 feet apart, etc.).

What if I don’t feel well on the day of my in-person interview?

If you are sick on the day of your interview, please contact the hiring manager to reschedule. Applicants coming on-site will be screened and asked a series of COVID-19/health questions. Individuals displaying symptoms of illness will not be permitted entrance.

Are the positions you are hiring for required to work in a prison or in the medical centers or can I work from home?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telework is highly encouraged for positions with duties that can be accomplished remotely. However, most Department of Corrections (DOC) positions require you to be present on-site in our prison facilities. From correctional officers and health services employees, correctional cooks and support staff, our incarcerated population are counting on DOC staff to provide on-site expertise and service.

Where can I learn more about the Department of Correction's (DOC) COVID-19 response measures?

The Department of Corrections' COVID-19 Information page is updated regularly with information about the department's response to the coronavirus pandemic, including frequently asked questions. You can learn more about Washington State's response to the COVID-19 pandemic at

Do you have any advice for how I should prepare for rapid hiring interviews?

  • Test your technology — Make sure your internet connection and video conferencing program are both working well prior to your interview.
  • Dress appropriately (if video conferencing) — Dressing for success is no less important for remote interviews. Dress smartly, like you would for an in-person interview, and ensure your surroundings are tidy.
  • Be prepared — Do your homework just as you would for any other interview, rehearsing your responses to key interview questions and preparing your own questions for the interviewer.
  • Be personable — Make eye-contact and generally engage with the interviewer to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role (if video teleconferencing).
  • Remove distractions — Ensure you’re fully engaged with the interviewer by removing all distractions, including your cell phone.
  • Follow-up — Send a follow-up note to your interviewer, thanking them for their time.