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Capacity Projects – Prison Expansion

aerial image of maple lane facility Maple Lane Site

This project is to work closely with DOC to identify incarcerated persons treatment needs, best practices for programs, space requirements, and operational criteria to meet the necessary therapeutic requirements. In addition, the A/E firm shall identify options for improved reentry and the continuation of formerly incarcerated persons' mental health treatment while under community supervision. The A⁄E firm to develop a report that identifies options, expected outcomes, one time capital costs, and long term operational costs.

Following the identification of the best option to meet DOC incarcerated persons treatment and capacity needs, the A/E firm will establish a program for the proposed Maple Lane site. The program shall enable DOC to efficiently address inmates’ mental health, substance abuse treatment, and cognitive behavioral change needs, from the day they arrive at prison to the day they complete their time with DOC and successfully transition back to the community. The Maple Lane facility will provide capacity for approximately 700 Medium Security beds, outpatient program areas, visitation, food service, health services, administration, and support services.

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