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Reentry Center Expansion


Reentry Centers serve as a bridge between life in prison and life in the community. Incarcerated individuals who complete the reentry program are more likely to be successful in maintaining employment, stable housing, and in paying legal financial obligations. Recent research conducted by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy indicates that reentry programs have a positive cost/benefit impact; for every dollar spent, $3.82 is returned to the state.

Public Hearings

In accordance with RCW 72.65.220 Facility siting process the Department of Corrections (DOC) formed a Local Advisory Committee in 2019 to provide early and continuous public participation in establishing a reentry center. The process included public meetings in the local communities affected, opportunities for written and oral comments, and wide dissemination of proposals and alternatives. DOC has made public notification and will conduct public hearings in the local communities to review the proposed site(s) and allow the public opportunities to provide comments.


Publications & Job Aids


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