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Correctional Industries Seeking Advisory Committee Members

December 22, 2022 (Updated February 28, 2023)

By Sarah Goff

Department of Corrections

TUMWATER – Correctional Industries, the Washington Department of Corrections’ division focused on vocational education and job readiness of the incarcerated population, is seeking three representatives on its advisory committee.

The Correctional Industries Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Secretary of Corrections regarding the implementation of the incarcerated individual work program. The Department of Corrections is statutorily mandated to positively impact incarcerated individuals by stressing personal responsibility and accountability, establishing work ethic, and providing opportunities for self-improvement, including chances for growing and expanding skills and abilities to fulfill their role in the community post-release.

Members of the Correctional Industries Advisory Committee serve three-year staggered terms, with the nine total members evenly representing labor, business, and the general public, respectively. The Department is looking for one member from labor and one from business. To apply for membership on the committee, please complete the Correctional Industries Advisory Committee Application prior to 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

Members of the committee shall serve with compensation, pursuant to RCW 43.03.240, and shall be reimbursed by the Department for travel expenses and per diem, pursuant to RCW 43.03.050 and RCW 43.03.060.

For questions about the Correctional Industries Advisory Committee, please contact Sarh Goff.