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Advanced Notification

If you are a victim or witness of an eligible crimeAdobe PDF file, you are entitled to Advance Notification by the Department of Corrections (DOC) when incarcerated persons move through the prison system, and when they are released to the community.

If you choose to enroll for Advance Notification, the DOC can provide you with information regarding an incarcerated person serving their sentence when the following events occur:

  • The time an incarcerated person spends in a work release facility is considered "partial confinement." This is part of the prison sentence imposed by the sentencing judge. Under current law, inmates may serve up to the last six months of their sentences in work release. Enrollees are notified when inmates transfer to a work release facility, as those living in these facilities will at times be in the community without being accompanied by DOC staff.

    Under state law, enrollees have the opportunity to submit input to the DOC regarding an inmate's work release placement. If you wish to do so, please submit your input in writing to the Victim Services Program.

  • Release to the community or other jurisdiction
  • Addresses being investigated for release of sex offenders
  • Death of the offender during incarceration
  • Escape from custody
  • Immediate release
  • Certain type of escorted leave

Enroll for Advance Notification

Participation in the Advance Notification program is voluntary, not automatic. You must enroll. Enrollees can include victims, witnesses, family members of deceased victims and guardians of minor children.

To receive Advance Notifications you must:

  1. Complete and submit the Enrollment Request Form. The form is also available in Spanish.
  2. If your address, email address, or phone number changes, please contact us. The Victim Services Program will not be able to notify you if you do not report changes in your address, email address or telephone number.

Discontinue Advance Notification

If you wish to discontinue your participation in the Advance Notification program, submit a written request by email or mail to the Victim Services Program.

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications are provided by the Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification (SAVIN), also known as VINE. Please note this service is separate and independent from the DOC's Advance Notification program.

Any member of the community may sign-up online for automated notifications to:

  • Notify you the same day an inmate releases from custody
  • Notify you when an inmate transfers from one DOC prison facility to another

Sex Offender Notification

Find sex offenders on the national sex offender registry website.