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Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) policies that apply to victims.


Below are Department of Corrections (DOC) forms relating to victims that may be applicable.

State Laws

Below are state laws (RCWs) that apply to and/or relate to victims.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

RCW 4.24.5501 Sex offenders and kidnapping offenders – Release of information to public – Web site.
This RCW states the agency may disclose, upon request, relevant, necessary, and accurate information to any victim or witness to the offense.

RCW 7.68 Victims of Crimes – Compensation, Assistance

RCW 7.69 Crime Victims, Survivors, and Witnesses

RCW 7.69A Child Victims and Witnesses

RCW 7.69B Child Victims and Witnesses – Dependent Persons
Dependent persons who are victims.

RCW 7.92 Jennifer Paulson Stalking Protection Order Act
Stalking protection orders.

RCW 7.90.130 Sexual Assault Protection Orders – Contents
Sexual assault protection orders

RCW 9.94A.750 Restitution
Restitution procedures are outlined.

RCW 10.14 Harassment
Procedures for various types of protective orders from harassment.

RCW 26.5 Domestic Violence Prevention
Domestic violence protection orders.

RCW 72.09.340 Supervision of sex offenders – Public safety – Policy for release plan evaluation and approval – Implementation, publicizing, notice – Rejection of residence locations of felony sex offenders of minor victims – Notice – Supervised visitation considerations.
This RCW states in making all discretionary decisions regarding release plans for and supervision of sex offenders, the department shall set priorities and make decisions based on an assessment of public safety risks.

RCW 72.09.710 Drug offenders – Notice of release or escape.
This RCW states at the earliest possible date, and in no event later than ten days before release except in the event of escape or emergency furloughs, the Department shall send written notice...

RCW 72.09.712 Prisoner escape, parole, release, community custody or work release placement, or furlough – Notification procedures.
Section 1 of RCW 72.09.712 pertains to the notification procedures.

RCW 72.09.713 Prisoner escape, parole, release, community custody or work release placement, or furlough – Notice of work release placement.
This RCW addresses the work-release placement notification procedures.

RCW 72.09.714 Prisoner escape, release, or furlough – Homicide, violent, and sex offenses – Rights of victims and witnesses.
This RCW states the Department of Corrections shall provide victims and witnesses of homicide, violent and sex offenses, a statement of victims and witnesses rights to request and receive notification.

RCW 72.09.716 Prisoner escape, release, or furlough – Requests for notification.
This RCW states that requests for notification under RCW 72.09.712 shall be made by sending a written request by certified mail directly to the Department of Corrections.

RCW 72.09.718 Prisoner escape, release, or furlough – Notification as additional requirement.
The notification requirements of RCW 72.09.712 are in addition to any requirements in RCW 43.43.745 or other law.

RCW 72.09.720 Prisoner escape, release, or furlough – Consequences of failure to notify.
Civil liability shall not result from failure to provide notice unless the failure is the result of gross negligence.

RCW 72.68.045 Transfer to out-of-state institution – Notice to victims.
If the secretary transfers any inmate to an institution in another state after March 22, 2000, the secretary shall, prior to the transfer, review the records of victims registered with the department.