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Math & Science Fair at Cedar Creek

April 28, 2021

By Tim Kelly

Communications Office

(Tim Kelly, Communications Office)

In April 2021, at the annual Math and Science Fair at Cedar Creek Corrections Center in Littlerock, Wash., approximately 20 socially distanced fathers used creativity and ingenuity during an outdoor event, making projects for their children. All participants made a firefly mason jar, with an LED string light to give a glowing effect, and a solar oven using the reflection of sunlight to make s’mores.

“Even during such an unprecedented time, it’s important for the incarcerated individuals to maintain those relationships and bonds with their children. We think outside of the box and came up with activities and projects they can do, even from a distance,” Community Partnership Program Coordinator Seanne Schlund said.

The fathers assembled the various parts of the projects, handwrote the instructions, and sent them to their children. Upon receiving the packages, their children can construct the projects and use them to learn about science. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, unlike previous years, the families were not able to visit the facility for the event. This did not stop their fathers’ passion for teaching their children.

“Education is very important to me as an individual, all around, and it’s also important to my child to have a good sense of education and find some fun in it. Also, find out the benefits of having an education as opposed to not having one, said participant Eli White.

Cedar Creek hosts family relationship events, like the annual math and science fair and yearly back to school celebration, to demonstrate its commitment to the community, provide opportunities for strengthening family connections and create an environment that values mental and emotional security and wellbeing. These events are part of the Department’s commitment to partner with others to transform lives for a better Washington.