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Incarcerated Individual Technology Services

November 13, 2019

By Tim Kelly

DOC Communications

(Tim Kelly, DOC Communications)

The technology services available in Washington’s state correctional facilities provide incarcerated individuals with a way to keep in contact with families and friends. The Washington State Department of Corrections has established a project team tasked with the responsibility of improving Incarcerated Individual Technology Services, such as phone calls and video visitation.

The stakeholder team is comprised of correctional representation from correctional facilities, correctional administration, and work release facilities along with representatives from the Statewide Family Council, the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services, and the Office of Corrections Ombuds.

“What I’ve seen is family members and department staff, sharing their struggles, understanding each other’s perspective,” said Corrections Comptroller Anita Kendall.

Offering these services helps the department in its mission by encouraging positive prosocial connections with family and community.

Anna Ivanov, a member of the project team and Statewide Family Council, has a family member currently incarcerated and actively uses these services. “I am grateful for being able to communicate electronically with the incarcerated. This is a very important service, I just can’t imagine life without it."