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‘Makeup’ For Lost Time

April 12, 2019

By Alexandra Barton

DOC Communications

(Alexandra Barton, DOC Communications)

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YACOLT – Hairspray, bobby pins, and lipstick filled the tables of Larch Corrections Center’s visiting room as incarcerated dads and their daughters learned how to style hair and do makeup at the annual father/daughter event. Makeup and hair stylists, Alex James and Ashlyn Medina, from Glam Beauty Bar, taught the fathers a wide range of skills from how to braid hair, to how to put on eyeshadow.

“My favorite part, is just meeting new people and helping them to be more comfortable,” James said. “Also, the significant bonding time between dad and daughter because it’s so important.”

Three years ago, the facility’s program director, Nancy Simmons, asked Glam Beauty Bar to host a styling class as part of an annual father/daughter dance. The day before the dance, the incarcerated fathers get the chance to learn how to help their daughters get glammed up for the event. Glam Beauty Bar stylist, Medina, knows the importance of encouraging parents.

“It starts with the parents, empowerment not just from the moms, but the dads too,” Medina said.

Allen Hall, an incarcerated father that participated in the event, even got his own hair and makeup done by his daughter.

“It’s a fun event. It’s really exciting because my daughter likes it, and I like getting to see her personality and understanding it. I can take that and learn how to grow on it,” Hall said.

Family-centered events like this help the department in its mission to improve public safety by providing opportunities that lead to pro-social connections with their loved ones. These connections can lead to a smoother reentry into the community and provide memories that last a lifetime.

“It’s a real nice opportunity for all the people here to get to know their daughters,” Hall said. It’s really something to think about, so when I get out of here I have something to focus on, and keep my eye on the prize so I know what I’m doing all this for.”