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The Power of Engaged Leadership

June 29, 2018

By Austin Paulino

DOC Communications

(Austin Paulino, DOC Communications)

SULTAN – Healthy competition among staff caused Community Corrections Field Administrator Kelly Miller to work outside of her office, in the field, as part of a community work crew. Her Section 6 staff reached an 80 percent completion rate on the SmartHealth wellbeing assessment causing them to win the “Put Your Boss To Work” challenge.

Together, they spent the afternoon assisting the Sultan Food Bank with product shipment, organization, and facility maintenance. Sultan Food Bank frequently receives assistance from the department’s community work crews. These crews are comprised of violators under community supervision.

Partnerships between the State of Washington Department of Corrections and local nonprofits are critical to achieving the department’s mission of improving public safety. A tenant of restorative justice is rehabilitation and self-improvement through betterment of the community at large. Director of Volunteers of America Western Washington (VOAWW), Calei Vaughn is very appreciative of their hard work. “The value this puts back into the community was more than $1,100 dollars of volunteer time in one day!”

The Department of Corrections is committed and determined to promoting a safe and healthy work environment. One of the department’s key beliefs is in people’s ability to grow and change. The support from community partners allows opportunities for incarcerated individuals to develop themselves.