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Washington’s One Thousand Mile Club

October 27, 2017

By Tim Kelly

DOC Communications

(Tim Kelly, DOC Communications)

SHELTON – After almost five years of planning, Washington Corrections Center (WCC) in Shelton, Wash. hosted their first ever 5K race. Thirty participants, which included inmates in the running club and staff, braved the early morning gray to take part in the event. The group, modeled after the San Quentin Thousand Mile Club, officially started over the summer thanks to the help of educational contractor Emily Hammargren and correctional employee Missy Farr, both of whom are running enthusiasts.

Inmates received running tips from the Shelton High School track coach. Encouraging positive interactions with the community to promote public safety and public understanding is one of the values of the Washington State Department of Corrections. Elisha Tabor, the winner of the 5K race, just started running while in prison. He looks at running as a positive outlet for when he is released into the community.

The dream is to not only be able to have the inmates continue training, but to have a half marathon at WCC. Dedication is strong with the group as they wake up early on weekend mornings to get going on their training. Staff also noticed how running has brought a connection that wasn’t there before.