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Washington State Corrections Honors Fallen Officer in Texas

June 23, 2017

By Jared Huttenstine

Department of Corrections

KILLEEN - It was an honor for the Washington State Department of Corrections to send two Honor Guard members from the Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) to the funeral of Officer Shana TedderAdobe PDF document file of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The three representative staff – Associate Superintendent John Padilla, Sergeant Jared Huttenstine, and Officer Roland Pascua – were able to meet with Warden Kelli Forrester of the Christina Melton Crain Women’s Prison to extend the respect of the State of Washington.

The Washington team were told that Tedder was a wonderful officer that treated those under her custody with kindness and always listened to their concerns. Her death, while in the line of duty, was a tragic loss for the prison and for the overall agency. Other law enforcement partners showing support at the officer’s funeral were Bell County Sheriff’s Department, Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Regional Honor Guard.

Not only was Sergeant Huttenstine and Officer Pascua able to stand watch for the casket but they also served as pallbearers taking Officer Tedder both to the hearse and to her final resting place at the Killeen City Cemetery. Said Sgt. Huttenstine, “It was a pleasure to represent the department and to show solidarity between our brothers and sisters in a time of tragedy.”