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PRESS RELEASE: Secretary’s Warrants for Arrest Added to Agency Website

Released January 6, 2017

Contact Jeremy Barclay , (360) 515-6661

DOC Communications

TUMWATER – The Washington Department of Corrections (DOC), in its mission to improve public safety has added a new feature to the agency’s website, which debuted in September. The feature provides a list of all individuals who have a Secretary’s Warrant currently issued for their arrest. The feature is tied to DOC Policy 280.530 Supervision Files for Community OffendersAdobe PDF document file, DOC Policy 350.750 Warrants, Detainers, and HoldsAdobe PDF document file, DOC Policy 380.200 Community Supervision of OffendersAdobe PDF document file, and RCW 9.94A.716 Community custody-Violations-Arrest .

This list of individuals wanted for arrest by the Department will join the existing resources on the Department’s website providing links to other law enforcement agencies who have established wanted lists that provide information about individuals sought for arrest throughout the state and by various legal jurisdictions.

The Secretary’s warrants for arrest feature is interactive and sortable, comprehensive in scope, tied to a defined policy and RCW, and displays all who are under a Secretary’s warrant.

The agency plans to add a photo function to the page, however, until the automated photo function is active, photos on file continue to remain available on request by contacting (360) 725-8213. Please note that any photos on file are the most current representation of the individual.

As always, please do not attempt to contact any person wanted by the Department or any law enforcement agency as the person should be considered dangerous. Please contact 911 or the Department at (866) 359-1939.