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New Program Helps Inmates Recover from Addiction

July 15, 2016

By Rachel Friederich

DOC Communications

(Tim Kelly , DOC Communications) YouTube Video Link

CONNELL - For 125 men struggling with drug addiction at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, community is the agent of change.

These inmates are members of the Therapeutic Community that launched at the facility more than a year ago with only 5 members.

“The offenders learn the ability to manage themselves, which is the hope for them when they get out to society and learning about doing the right thing,” says program coordinator Jennifer Matson.

Members of the program are part of the Drug Offenders Sentencing Alternative. Inmates need to have more than nine months left on their sentence to take part in the intense and lengthy program.

Therapeutic Community programs can also be found at Mission Creek Corrections Center, Olympic Corrections Center, and Washington Corrections Center for Women.

They use group discussions and learning experiences to raise awareness of their actions. Learning experiences can be an apology letter or a paper relating behavior to addiction and critical thinking. The program helps provide inmates the tools they need to succeed when released from prison.