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Pierce County CCOs Step in to Help Three-year-old Car Crash Victim

June 15, 2016

By Angela Stanger

Department of Corrections

staff members Angela Stanger and John Faircloth pose with arms crossed at chest and 4 other male staff behind them

Community Corrections staff members Angela Stanger, left, and John Faircloth came to the aid of a car crash victim in Tacoma.

TACOMA — Upon leaving the scene of an arrest on May 24, Community Corrections Supervisor Angela Stanger and Community Corrections Officer John Faircloth drove past 84th and D Street in Tacoma, and saw a minivan crashed into a telephone pole. There were about six people standing around a mother, and her three-year-old child.

“From a distance we could see that the young mother and her child were injured,” said Faircloth.

Putting their Washington State Department of Corrections emergency response training into action, Stanger immediately called 911 to have medical arrive on scene, while Faircloth went to the crash scene and began providing medical attention to the child.

“By speaking to the young mother and child, it was assessed that she was feeling some midsection pain,” said Faircloth “But there was a large lump on the child’s forehead, and we observed that the child was bleeding from the mouth and nose.”

Faircloth knew the child needed extra attention and proceeded to clean the blood from the child’s face, and apply pressure with an icepack to help with the swelling. While holding the ice pack on the child’s head, Faircloth held the child’s head and neck to minimize movement, just in case there was further injury that was not visible.

During the time it took for medical professionals to arrive, it was observed that the child was showing signs of a concussion as it was difficult for him to stay awake and was throwing up bile which appeared to be residual blood from the nose. Officer Faircloth stayed with this child and never gave up on keeping the young man awake, so that medical professionals could better help him when they arrived.

“I am so proud of the way Angela and John demonstrated the values and professionalism of DOC and the community corrections division during this situation,” said Kristine Skipworth, Section 4 Field Administrator, which includes Pierce County. “They were selfless, brave and thought of the safety of these victims and the community before themselves. I am lucky to have them as part of the Section 4 Team.”

When the Tacoma Fire Department arrived on scene, Faircloth relinquished control of the scene and started to provide security and containment of the scene with Stanger. The child was taken to the hospital for further medical treatment.

All DOC staff complete Basic First Aid as part of New Employee Orientation training. Additionally, Community Corrections Officers are trained in emergency response systems, and attend Community Corrections Officer Academy which prepares them for working with people in a variety of settings and situations.