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PRESS RELEASE: DOC Issues Warrant for Work Release Resident Who Failed to Report to Scheduled Work Site

June 13, 2016

By Jeremy Barclay

DOC Communications

Jake Eakin

Jake Eakin

YAKIMA, Washington - The Washington State Department of Corrections was notified by a local employer Sunday night, June 12, that Ahtanum View Work Release resident Jake Eakin had not reported to his scheduled shift.

Facility staff began checking with local jails, hospitals, law enforcement and the DOC warrants unit to locate Eakin. DOC issued an arrest warrant when he could not be located.

The Department’s Community Response Unit is working with local law enforcement to bring Eakin back into custody because he's on unauthorized leave.

Work release supports public safety as the lowest level of confinement for inmates and serves as a bridge between prison and the community. Work Release residents leave the facility at scheduled times to seek employment, housing and reestablish community connections.

Eakin, 25, was sentenced as a juvenile in 2004 for second degree murder. He had been at Ahtanum View Work Release since April 18, 2016.

His earned release date for his sentence is September 2016, not including any possible charges stemming from this unauthorized leave from Ahtanum View work release. Once arrested, Eakin will not be eligible to return to work release and will go back to a Washington State correctional facility.