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WCCW Inmates Donate Food, Hygiene Items to Gig Harbor Charities

January 7, 2016

Submitted by WCCW Staff

Department of Corrections

Lara Kempton and Amanda Williams

Lara Kempton and Amanda Williams

GIG HARBOR – Inmates at Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) recently donated food and hygiene items to two local charities for the holidays. Inmates collected three boxes filled with food and hygiene items as well as ten dozen eggs from chickens in the prison’s sustainability programs and donated them to the Gig Harbor Fish Community Services. Additional food and hygiene items were donated to a shelter for homeless women and children who are often survivors of domestic violence, Georgia’s House.

Paula Andrew, an administrative assistant at WCCW described her experience of delivering items to the food bank:

“Carefully stacked food items adorned multiple isles, and every nook and cranny had something stacked in the corners. This gave me a chance to take everything in and reflect for a minute how touching it was to be in the position of dropping off supplies, and not be on the other end of the spectrum, needing assistance… One of the food bank workers, a spirited grandmotherly type, discovered me stacking boxes at the back door and came over to assist, taking a volunteer under her wing and showing her the process. When I explained that the three boxes of food and hygiene items were purchased by our inmates for the food bank clients, all three of us got teary-eyed and the look of sincere thankfulness came to their faces.“

Lara Kempton and Amanda Williams, administrative assistants at WCCW, toured Georgia’s House. They reported the facility is usually filled to capacity and added the basic necessity items inmates collected would go a long way to providing hope and comfort to the women residing there. The shelter can house 22 women and shelter residents are allowed to stay at the shelter for 90 days. While there, shelter staff work with case workers that connect the women to social services such as medical care, employment services, housing referrals and other resources.

State employees may donate to the Gig Harbor Fish Community Services through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive (CFD). The CFD number is 0316331. Donations of personal hygiene items and basic household items can be made to Georgia’s House. For information on how and what to donate, contact Bethany Plummer at 360-479-9020 or visit the organization’s website.