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PRESS RELEASE: Indeterminate Sentence Hearing for Timothy Pauley

January 5, 2016

By Andrew Garber

DOC Communications

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Timothy Pauley, DOC #273053, was seen by the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB) for a parole eligibility hearing on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe. Mr. Pauley is being seen two years prior to his earned release date so the board members can determine if he is ready to transition through lower levels of custody. Inmate Pauley’s current custody level is medium.

This hearing is not to determine a release to the streets. The board can also find him not parolable and add time to his minimum term. The decision will take approximately 8 weeks and will be made by the full board.

The ISRB, formerly known as the Board of Prison Terms and Paroles, has jurisdiction over the release of prisoners still serving sentences for crimes committed prior to July 1, 1984. The ISRB also has jurisdiction for certain sex inmates who committed their crimes on or after September 1, 2001 as well as certain inmates who committed crimes prior to their 18th birthday and were sentenced as adults.

For inmates who committed a crime prior to July 1, 1984, the ISRB must determine if an inmate’s rehabilitation is complete and whether he or she is fit for release. If the ISRB makes a decision to release an inmate, the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) would then propose a release plan, to include a period of supervision. The ISRB would review and either approve or reject the release plan. If an inmate fails to follow the conditions of parole, the ISRB can revoke parole or impose new parole conditions on the inmate.