DOC Background on Robert Hitt

Contact: Chad Lewis, Acting Communications Director (360) 725-8817

Offender Robert Hitt

Photo of Robert Hitt taken February 2012


DOC is releasing the following information about Offender Robert Hitt:

Full name: Robert D. Hitt

DOC Number: 840 918

Risk Level: Based on his criminal history, he is considered a low risk to commit a new crime

Prison History: He served a 10-year prison sentence for first-degree rape conviction in King County. He was released from prison Jan. 10 after the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board determined that he was releasable based on his completion treatment programs. He committed 11 serious infractions while he was incarcerated, the last one in February 2010.

Community Supervision History: We began supervising Hitt immediately after he was released from prison. He had been compliant during his supervision. He last reported to his community corrections officer on Feb. 21 and completed a treatment program on March 1.