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Dog Training and Adoption Programs

All Washington prisons operate some kind of animal training or adoption program. These animal–focused programs help connect offenders with living things which is a cornerstone of the Department’s Sustainability in Prisons Project. The programs benefit local communities, teach the offenders responsibility and provide an incentive to maintain positive behavior while incarcerated.

Service Animal Training Programs

Four prisons have partnered with organizations that provide service animals to people with disabilities.

The offenders train the dogs in advanced obedience and specialized skills to assist people with daily activities.
Monroe Dog Training

Dog Adoption Programs

Most prisons have formed partnerships with local non–profit groups to create programs in which offenders train troubled dogs how to be obedient pets that can be adopted.

Cat Adoption Programs

cats at Larch
Three prisons operate programs for cats. The offenders socialize cats from local shelters that are deemed too unsocial or dangerous to be adopted. After socialization the cats are returned to the non–profits for adoption.