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Capital Punishment

Executions by Ethnicity (Between CY 1904 — 2010)
  • Caucasian – 66
  • Black – 7
  • Asian – 2
  • Hispanic – 2
  • Eskimo – 1

Per RCW 10.95 Capital Punishment–Aggravated First Degree Murder , any person sentenced to death shall be imprisoned in Washington State Penitentiary's segregation unit within ten days after the trial court enters a judgment and sentence imposing the death penalty, and assigned to single-person cells. All executions shall be carried out within the walls of the state penitentiary, and procedures for conducting executions are supervised by the state penitentiary Superintendent.

Methods of Execution

Two methods of execution are legal in Washington: lethal injection and hanging. Lethal injection is used unless the inmate under sentence of death chooses hanging as the preferred execution method. Death shall be pronounced by a licensed physician.

Executions in Washington State

There are eight inmates currently sentenced to capital punishmentAdobe PDF document file. Since 1904, 78 persons have been executed in WashingtonAdobe PDF document file, none of whom were women.